Data Services

Our Company offers a wide range of IT Services such as data entry, data processing and data conversion. In today's modern world, for every business firm, organization, data entry plays an essential role. Data entry is one such task that takes a lot of time and effort and is very meticulous work. Data entry is performed using various recognition technologies. This is an area of expertise that helps boost the performance standard and competence. We’ve a team of the most skilled and experienced professionals, so that we can get the accuracy in our work that you’re looking for. We are always ready to provide high quality data entry services whenever you need them. We are committed to work on the project beyond the expectations of our clients through our passionate staff and our industry-leading technology.
We have expanded our capabilities in the specialized sectors of market research and development. With our vast experience, we have only formula to success is the perfection in our work and constant improvement. Market Research plays a predominant role here that helps to keep pace with the upcoming changes. We are flexible with any kind of data that will save both your money as well as your precious time. Our experienced rechecks every data with reliability to insure that the data is accurate. Our analytical and methodological approach enables us in offering speedy, accurate and secure data processing services. Our services are flexible, affordable and designed to meet every client and project needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Data Entry Services(Automated Data Entry/ Products Data Entry / Data entry assistant / Forms Data Entry / Address Data Entry / Excel data entry / Web Data Entry / Contacts Data Entry / Typing Data Entry / Survey Data Entry / Medical Data Entry / Offline Data Entry / Captcha Data Entry / Image Data Entry)
  • Data Capture Services(Form data capture / Automated data capture / Electronic data capture/ Surveys and questionnaires )
  • Data Collection Services(Survey Data Collection / Research Data Collection / Marketing Data Collection / Online Data Collection / SPSS Data Collection)
  • Data Processing Services (Data Cleansing / Data Validation / De-duplication / Data Enrichment / Data Analysis)
  • Data Conversion Services(File conversion / XML conversion / PDF Conversion / DOC conversion / Database conversion)
  • Data Mining Services(Excel data mining / Web mining / Text mining / Database mining)
  • Forms Processing Services(Survey Forms / Application Forms Processing / Automated form filling / Insurance Claims Processing / Rebate Coupons / Web form filling / Purchase Order Forms / Email Forms / Data entry forms / Questionnaires / Account / Tax Forms / Online form submission / Warranty Cards / Registration Forms / Auto fill form)
  • Data Extraction Services (Email extractor / Text extraction / Web data extraction / Extract url / Link extractor)
Our premium focus while working on a project is on the data collection and its way of processing. Our methods are designed to get 100% accuracy in our work, and to deliver every project on time and within the decided budget. We are one of the fastest growing service providers in this competitive market.